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GC4C Prayer Team

The GC4C prayer team currently has the following three goals:

First and formost to pray for the members of GC4C, that we may able to fight the good fight of the faith in our day to day lives, encourage one another in christian fellowship on the forums or in any other way and that we may continue to grow in Spirit and numbers.

Second is to have an emergency prayer request list, which once set up, will allow us to be able to answer a prayer request within 15 minutes of it being placed.

Our third goal is to work with other churches and parachurch organizations in prayer to support our membership, but just like the second goal we start working on that once we get the team together.

And if would like more information on the prayer team go and check out the forums or e-mail me at Ashbo321 @


Nick B.

*Reviewed - 22/07/08*

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GC4C Purpose

Our aim is to provide content that encourages and enhances opportunities for fellowship and ministry amongst Christians of all backgrounds.

It is our intent to use the website and forums to provide support to individual members as they strive to fulfill the Great Commission themselves.

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