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Study Habits Development Program - Accountability Agreement

Below is the Accountability agreement that forms the basis for our small group interaction. By choosing to participate in the SHDP it is implied that you have agreed to the terms and arrangements contained in it.

Please read it before engaging in the study and understand that while this is an agreement for you to hold yourself accountable to others, there is also a responsibility placed upon you as a member of your small group to hold others in your small group accountable for their actions.


Group Accountability

Each and every member should feel free to join a small group but should, likewise, also feel free to not join any small group, if that is your wish. Choosing to become involved in this or any other program does not bestow rights or privileges, and likewise, a lack of participation here or elsewhere does not restrict rights or privileges.

There is the need to maintain a standard of accountability amongst participants. Within our programs this accountability is achieved through the usage of a daily email to your small group, which we have called the 'Daily Personal Commentary' (DPC). What this involves is basically a comment on what the Lord has taught you today... it serves as an "I-Dun-It' post for accountability as well as an opportunity for you to spend time articulating what you learned from the Lord.

There must be an agreement amongst members of any particular small group that each member is accountable to continue their study to the other members. If any member of a small group has a significant or noticeable drop in their DPC submissions, the other members have authority to approach the member and provide encouragement and support to help him/her to continue.

It is important for all of you to understand that there is no pressure intended or desired to be placed on any member to be involved here or anywhere. At any time, any member MUST feel free to step away from any program with a simple post stating that they are unable to continue at this time. At that time, the accountability agreement is VOIDED and the member is free to move on to other things. Should the member choose to start the program again at a later time, they are more than welcome to join the next session, however they will not be able to rejoin their group midway through a program.

Please remember that this accountability agreement is NOT an open opportunity for attack or slander, but rather it is something that, if it must be done, absolutely MUST be done through loving and caring words and with the members best interest at heart.

The bottom line to remember is that this is a guided program that we have developed for your use, if you should choose to use it. If you do not, for any reason whatsoever, be it you already have a study program, you're not ready for this kind of a structured study program or just that you're not interested, that's fine.

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