About strengthening business through investments in the research sector



A good idea is not enough to talk about innovation. Even a breakthrough solution left exclusively in scientific laboratories will not bring any measurable benefits. So what should be done to support the transfer of innovations to the market? Firstly, take care of appropriate research and development facilities. Secondly, to facilitate and strengthen cooperation between the scientific sector and business. Therefore, EUR 278.2 million from the Regional Operational Programme for 2014-2020 will be invested in measures aimed at using research and development works for the needs of the economy.
In the past EU perspective, thanks to approximately USD 102 million of EU funding, several dozen scientific projects were implemented. USD 30 million has been invested in creating one of the most modern research centres in the world in the field of biomedicine. Thanks to these funds, the Warsaw University of Life Sciences has established a Biomedical Research Centre, in which laboratories work on the borderline between medicine and veterinary medicine is carried out. EU funds have also strengthened the potential of the scientific sector in the field of satellite technologies. The Military University of Technology has received USD 4.1 million in funding for the expansion of the Satellite Observatory of the Centre of Applied Geomatics. The results of the scientists’ work will be used, for example, in land and sea navigation, as well as in crisis management.
Further development of research facilities
In the following years we will further develop the research and development facilities of scientific entities. Support will be provided to strategic centres where it will be possible to carry out research work in areas of intelligent specialisation, i.e. potential competitive advantages of the region. These areas include high quality of life, intelligent management systems, modern business services and safe food.
The projects of scientific entities and consortia will be implemented with EUR 125.1 million from the ROP MV 2014-2020. Support will be provided only for investments included in the Territorial Contract. Among the proposals are, among others, the project of the Campus of New Technologies – Innovation Accelerator of the Warsaw University of Technology, or the Prototype Centre of the Institute of Exploitation Technology of the National Research Institute in Radom. Already in the second quarter of next year, a competition addressed to scientific entities and consortia will be launched. The pool of funds planned for distribution within this call for proposals will amount to 62.5 million EUR.
Combining science and business
The RPO of the WM focuses on establishing cooperation between business and the scientific sector. For example, preference will be given to infrastructure projects of scientific entities, characterised by the highest possible share of investment or maintenance financing from private sources. However, the financing of infrastructure projects does not end with EU support.
The funds from the regional programme will enable the establishment of cooperation between entrepreneurs and scientific entities. Already in December, a call for innovation vouchers will be launched, under which entrepreneurs will be able to purchase services from a university, research unit or research institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences. What exactly will the funds be available for? For the development of a new or significantly improved product, service, technology or process changes. The funding will be available in particular for the development of innovative solutions and pre-implementation analyses, as well as for the preparation of a trial series before the introduction of mass production. The competition will start on 31 December and funds amounting to EUR 5 million will be allocated until the planned limit is reached (Measure 1.2 Research and development activities of enterprises).
OPO IN 2014-2020
For the years 2014-2020 is guaranteed EUR 2.08 billion (over USD 8 billion) of EU support, directed mainly to business, administration and the scientific sector. The maximum co-financing will amount to 80% of the investment value. In 2016, 47 competitions for the total amount of EUR 543.5 million (USD 2.3 billion) will be announced, four of which will be dedicated to supporting the research and development activity of scientific entities and enterprises. The Unit for Implementation of EU Programmes is responsible for spending the funds from the Regional Operational Programme. on EU funds for is available on the website .

About strengthening business through investments in the research sector
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