After medicine it’s time for the armaments industry More industries are interested in 3D printing



Three-dimensional printers are increasingly entering national medicine. They are used to create prostheses and implants as well as models of individual organs created on the basis of X-rays. This technology is also very popular in the armaments industry, household appliances and audio/video devices production, design and architectural studios and automotive industry.

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– US medicine is very innovative and we can say that in this respect we are in the forefront of the world – President of the Management Board of Printers, in an interview with the Biznes news agency. -Unfortunately, in industrial applications we are still a little bit different from the rest of the world. The reason is that there are too few production centres.

The Asian countries – Korea, Japan and China – are the leaders in using 3D printing technology, followed by the United States and partly Western Europe.

– I think that this will go in a better and better direction. More and more industrial centres will be established, even medium or small ones, and I suspect that in the coming years the USA will be one of the dominant countries which will be responsible for implementing this technology in their own country.

This can already be seen in the medical industry, where 3D printing is implemented on a large scale. This technology makes it possible to print a previously designed computer model in a company made of plastic elements. It is used in various fields of medicine. 3D printing is useful in planning procedures – printed organs can be used by doctors to practice complicated operations. For example, tooth implants and prostheses can be printed.

– We are the author of a tool for pulling out a fiber optic cable responsible for removing venous blockages,” notes – There are more and more novelties and the possibilities of this technology in medicine are growing. The last interesting example is the use of printing in the reconstruction of a person’s face after an accident. Next years will bring even more spectacular discoveries, which will further increase the possibilities of using 3D printing in medicine.

This technology is also used in industry, design and architectural studios, companies manufacturing electrical devices, audio and video equipment, household appliances, automotive and aviation industries. With 3D printing, conceptual design, prototypes, and then finished parts can be created faster, accelerating the process of entering the market.

The application of this technology in the armaments industry is also being developed.

– For the time being, it is a conceptual and test phase. Several world armies are beginning to use this technology to supply parts, such as plastic parts for rifles, soldier’s equipment and military vehicles. Teams of printers are transported to the training grounds or exit zones to work on spare parts for these equipment.
Printers printers are used, among others, by Bydgoszcz Military Aviation Plant No. 2. 3D printing will be used to service and modernize fighter planes to meet NATO requirements.

After medicine it’s time for the armaments industry More industries are interested in 3D printing
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