An important element of ventilation for every piece of furniture


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Surely everyone at least once in their life has experienced a situation in which a wardrobe stuffed with clothes smells uninviting. The air has been standing in it for too long, additionally the rising dampness may cause the formation of various types of fungi in the wardrobe or the surface of the clothes. In order to prevent this, the wardrobe must be regularly ventilated to ensure a good level of air circulation. This can be ensured by fitting a ventilation grille, which will automatically ensure that air diffuses between the inside of the wardrobe and the internal environment, thus ensuring order and tidiness.

Furniture grilles – information you need

Furniture grilles are very often installed in wardrobes or office furniture. In office furniture they will maintain an appropriate, low level of humidity so that stored papers, contracts and invoices do not get damaged. Additionally, their smell in such a situation will be much better and fresher than the smell that documents would have on them after being kept for a long time in tightly closed furniture. They can also be found in kitchen cabinets. In them, it is very important – there are high levels of humidity in the kitchen due to the rising steam when cooking your dishes. Grilles can also be installed in doors. Rooms where too much moisture accumulates will be the ideal place to use a grille for the door. These include the kitchen, bathroom, drying room or toilet.
A good ventilation grille is made of material that is resistant to unfavourable conditions. Furnica grilles are made from durable aluminium, so they will last for years. They are most often installed in the bottom space of furniture and the installation process is extremely simple – all you need is a drill and screwdriver and screws. Any DIY enthusiast can do it.
Colours are not without significance! Furniture grilles usually come in neutral colours such as black, white or silver. Thanks to this, they are unobtrusive every time you look at the furniture casing and remain unnoticed. However, some people also prefer to use contrasting combinations to make the grille noticeable – then they choose white grilles for black furniture, or vice versa – black grilles for white furniture.


If you want to keep the air circulation of a room at the right level or you want to keep a nice, pleasant and fresh smell of the elements inside the cabinets, you should install furniture grilles in your furniture. Then opening and ventilating cupboards with clothes or valuables will only be a distant memory.