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It’s no secret that we’re becoming more and more indebted. In order to obtain financial means for the purchase of new equipment for home or dream holidays, we willingly use various types of credits, loans or credit cards. Competition on the market of this type of services has made loans cheaper and more accessible to the average Pole. In order to obtain a small loan, it is no longer necessary to show a large income, and in some cases it will not be necessary at all. In order to compare the offers of several banks and choose the cheapest one, we will have to use a credit comparison engine. The Annual percentage rate calculator contained in it will allow us to find the most advantageous credit offer for us. Let’s start from the beginning.
What is a cash loan?
By signing a cash loan agreement, the bank undertakes to provide us with a specified amount of money for any purpose. In the same agreement, we declare that we will repay the loan within a specified period of time plus interest and commissions. This is how we can briefly define the essence of a cash loan. The subject matter is, of course, much more complex. The conditions for granting loans are clearly defined in the Banking Law Act. The provisions of this Act make the procedure of obtaining a cash loan not as simple as getting a quick moment on the Internet. First of all, the repayment of the loan must be properly secured. In the case of low amounts, a certificate of employment and income and a declaration of voluntary submission to enforcement in the event of loan default are usually sufficient. For larger amounts, you may need a surety by means of a guarantor’s declaration.
Credit and loan. Differences in APR
The differences in APR between bank loans can be huge. We reject extreme offers here: promotional or usurious. But even then it turns out that in a bank we can count on the average APR in the range from 10 to maximum 30%. However, the vast majority of offers will oscillate around this lower value. In the case of loans and instant loans, we have to take into account the APR at the level of several hundred percent. There are also offers amounting to several thousand percent per annum. As you can see, the differences are huge and it is worth considering twice whether it is worthwhile to get into debt in loan companies. Unfortunately, sometimes it becomes necessary if, despite all efforts, the bank still refuses to grant us a loan on favorable terms.
Annual percentage rate Calculator
APR is, in other words, the total cost of a loan or credit on an annual basis. It consists of interest, commission, preparatory fees and administrative costs. Using online loan calculators in search results, in addition to the amount of the instalment, we also receive information about the amount of APR. Thanks to this, we can compare several offers. We can also easily find special calculators on the Internet to calculate only APR. Then we provide all the data concerning the credit/loan that make up the cost of the credit. The calculator will then give us the RPRSO value, thanks to which we will be able to compare this particular offer to other offers. The search for this type of calculator should not take much time, you only need to enter the appropriate phrase in the search engine.
How to get a loan?
In order to receive a cash loan, just visit the website and fill in a special credit application. In addition to the obvious data on the loan itself (amount and duration of the repayment), we will have to provide your personal data and, above all, document the source and amount of income. This is necessary to calculate our creditworthiness, which in turn is the decisive criterion for a positive or negative credit decision. With larger sums of money, our history will also be checked at the office. If we have been in arrears in the past, the bank will be more cautious about lending us money. In such a case, the bank may offer us a smaller amount, may require a guarantee from a third party or even issue a negative decision and then we will have to try to obtain funds from a loan company.
Remember to pay your liabilities on time!
Whether in the case of a loan or a loan, it is extremely important that all installments are repaid on time. Delays can have unpleasant consequences not only for your wallet, but can also make it difficult for you to get any credit in the future. An entry in the database of an office with an outstanding commitment may block the receipt of even a small loan. We may also charge various interest and penalty fees for late payment. In extreme cases, they can be quite large.

Annual percentage rate calculator
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