At the end of the year the cloud services market may be worth USD 600 million



Cloud solutions are the fastest growing segment of the IT market in the USA. The annual growth of about 20% means that at the end of this year the value of the market may reach USD 600 million – estimates. Expenditures of companies on cloud services constitute an increasing part of IT budgets. Some large enterprises have already become convinced of the cloud, but it is the enterprise sector that will drive the market.
– The American cloud computing market is growing in 2016 and will grow at a rate of about 19 percent. We estimate that in companies, cloud computing expenditure will increase from 20 percent to 30 percent this year. This will give us a total market value of about USD 600 million , head of marketing at , news agency.
PMR research company confirms that the cloud market is developing very dynamically, especially when compared to the entire domestic ICT industry. However, it reserves the right to take into account the incomparably lower scale of the phenomenon. The share of cloud in the total value of the IT market in the USA slightly exceeds 1% and is more than twice as low as the global indicators. PMR estimates that even within five years the annual cloud growth rate will exceed 20%.
– So far, much has been said about the fact that the company loses control over data in the cloud. The last years and this year show clearly that this fear is giving way. If we can talk about any barriers, they are rather related to how companies can quickly and effectively move their infrastructure to the cloud, i.e. they seek knowledge and human resources on the market to effectively migrate their technology .
According to ‘s observation, large companies employing more than 500 employees constitute about 15% of all customers who currently use the cloud. Joining companies that employ more than 200 employees, the percentage increases to more than 20%.
– This shows that large companies do not bypass cloud computing at all, but reach for it more and more often. However, the fastest growing group of customers is the segment of small and medium enterprises. These companies have much greater flexibility in adjusting new technologies to their needs. Their budgets are usually smaller, but it is much easier to transfer part of this budget or replace some technology with a new one than it happens in large companies.
PMR concludes that it is crucial for cloud providers to focus on the enterprise segment or even micro businesses. According to experts, sales prospects for this segment are clearly better than for the largest companies, more focused on developing their own private resources.
According to the representative, one of the most important trends on the market is sharing applications in the cloud.
– This means that developers make applications native, so they can directly, immediately after startup, operate in the cloud computing. This will be one of the biggest facilitations for most businesses in the USA this year and in the coming years. There is a lot of facilitation for cloud developers, because this is the market segment that may adopt new solutions the fastest, but it only needs to get the right tools. Therefore, this trend to give the best and most intuitive tools to developers will be one of the most important in the coming years.

At the end of the year the cloud services market may be worth USD 600 million
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