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With bathroom furnishings, you can plan everything in advance, because there is a huge amount of bathroom furniture available in the trade. The size of the bathroom is very important, but a large room doesn’t look good if you have a lot of equipment in it.
It’s not advisable to keep adding new cabinets, because you usually get a clutter effect. So, regardless of the size of the bathroom, it is best to insert only the necessary bathroom furniture. There should be enough of them to just hide the most necessary trinkets in the bathroom. The less random objects are in view, the more the bathroom will seem spacious and tidy.
Bathroom furniture
Just as in a large bathroom as in a small bathroom, a cabinet with drawers located under the washbasin will be useful for small things. In Domino’s online store there is a huge selection of such cabinets. You can choose the right color and capacity. Prices start from a few hundred USD and these are usually cabinets with one or two drawers. Bigger and more complex is the price of over a thousand USD. There are also more varied and original solutions available. They are, of course, much more expensive, but in this as well as in other cases the price is associated with high quality.
Good furniture for bathrooms
In a small bathroom, small bathroom furniture will work well, but sometimes you can use any additional space. An interesting idea is a mirror with an “invisible” cabinet behind a mirror. In good bathroom shops there are mirrors available in all shapes and sizes. In the case of a small bathroom, hanging a large mirror on one of the walls is a good effect. This optically enlarges the room. A similar effect can be achieved by using a wall mural.
Bathroom furnishings with furniture
The most commonly used bathroom furniture is standing cabinets. In the case of large or small bathrooms, they look best as a post. They can be partly or completely built-in, as well as glazed or open on the basis of a light rack. All solutions have their advantages and disadvantages, but it should be noted that toiletries, powders and washing liquids are best hidden and perfumes and cosmetics may ultimately remain on view. You can also keep spare fresh towels for replacement in the airy shelf.
Stylish bathroom furniture
Another type of bathroom furniture is hanging cabinets. They work well in spacious bathrooms, but there is a problem with smaller ones. It must be taken into account that they do not hang close to passageways or pose a danger when bending down or lifting anything from the floor. In very small rooms, it is necessary to take into account where to place the bathtub. In this case, you can opt for a shower tub, where additional equipment will make it possible to use the tub in both ways.
If the space is extremely small, you can decide only to use a shower tray. Additionally, if the shower tray is to protrude too much, an interesting solution is to resign from it in favour of a linear drainage system, which additionally allow you to gain a few extra centimetres.
Functional bathroom furniture
When planning individual bathroom furniture, you can opt for furniture sets. Undoubtedly, it will be easier to place such a set in a large bathroom. When decorating a small set, remember to keep a certain distance between the individual elements of the equipment. Excessive crowding of furniture and other elements may make it difficult to move around freely and cause the impression of tightness. Therefore, in a small bathroom only the necessary equipment is required.

Bathroom furniture
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