Drawer runners – the inside drive of every drawer


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Most households have a large number of drawers and pull-outs with all sorts of things inside. Piles of valuable papers, notebooks, binders or smaller valuables. In the kitchen, on the other hand, drawers are laden with fragile crockery – plates, bowls, pots. Thanks to drawers, the interior can be adequately protected against damage, and they also allow specific items to be simply stored, making the room neat and tidy. It is much easier to achieve order with drawers than with deep cabinets, which can be difficult to access. To facilitate access to the most difficultly hidden items special furniture slides can be installed, which will pull out the entire drawer beyond the surface of the furniture, making its interior accessible.

Drawer runners – available functions

Furniture runners are a very interesting invention, which hides a lot of functions, which a normal person would not even think about. This makes using drawers easier and more pleasant than ever:
Push to open – just a light touch on the drawer surface can make the drawer automatically open in the direction of the opener. This is extremely convenient when using kitchen cabinets with your hands full. Then with any part of your body you can open the desired cabinet and put the furniture accessories you have in your hands into it.
– Self-closing – protects the entire cabinet as well as its interior against damage caused by closing the cabinet too tightly. In addition, the loud sound echoing throughout the room which accompanies the closing of “normal” cabinets may remain only a distant memory. The self-closing function automatically brakes the cabinet before it reaches its end of travel and closes it safely.
Partial pull-out – used mostly in drawers where heavy items are stored. The partial pull-out will prevent the cabinet structure from breaking when pulled out beyond the surface of the adjacent furniture.
Full extension – used in drawers with less load. Appreciated by people who are annoyed by searching for their items in the depths of the cabinet. Full extension will make all items visible and accessible at your fingertips.


To make your daily life and use of the drawers in your home easier, it’s worth installing furniture slides in them. With these features, putting things in and taking them out will become child’s play and a pleasure!