Educational puzzles for boys and for girls



All children like to play and have their favorite games and toys. Depending on their age, they have different interests. You can see a clear division between what girls like to play with and what boys prefer. However, there are also such toys that all children like, among them are certainly puzzles.

Puzzles for small and big

Everyone who likes creative games, those that make you think, will certainly appreciate the activity of putting together puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles have different designs, some of them are intended for small children, others for older ones. You can also find themed puzzles, ones that will appeal to girls and ones that will appeal to boys. Educational toys for children in the form of puzzles have many advantages. Among them we can distinguish: expanding imagination, exercising thinking, good occupation for hands, fun in the form of education, activity for the whole family.

Puzzles for girls

Girls are very eager to play in various creative games. Jigsaw puzzles belong to such games. There are many jigsaw puzzles, which have themes designed for girls of different ages. The youngest girls like to assemble pictures that depict princesses, scenes from their favorite fairy tales, LOL dolls, cats, horses etc. They like colorful pictures, preferably when there is a lot of pink on them. Girls are ambitious, so they often reach for bigger packages of puzzles, multi-element ones.

Educational puzzles for boys

Boys reach for puzzles a little less often, especially boys at an older age. Little boys like puzzles depicting farm vehicles, cars, motorcycles, super heroes, images depicting scenes from children’s movies, etc. They are not fond of complicated puzzles that have many pieces. They prefer simple progressive puzzles that come in wooden form. When it comes to older boys, they prefer puzzles that have more complicated graphics. One of the favorite themes by school-age boys, are puzzles that depict space. Puzzles depicting the solar system, planets, stars, are extremely interesting for them. Such educational puzzles not only provide entertainment, but also expand the knowledge of the cosmos and teach various interesting facts.

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Any child who likes to sometimes calm down and spend time alone will appreciate putting together puzzles. This activity is very peaceful, relaxing and restful. The puzzles are not complicated, especially when the puzzle has not many pieces. So it is a good activity for children who need calming and soothing. The advantage of puzzles is that they can be bought very cheaply and can be found in many different stores. Jigsaw puzzles have many advantages and benefits for your child and beyond, so it is worth buying several sets and putting them together with your child.