Fight against acne



You can’t count on pimples and blackheads disappearing on their own. You cannot ignore them and treating them on your own is ineffective. Acne is a serious illness that should be taken care of by a dermatologist. Find out how to fight acne effectively.

More and more often, professional methods are used to treat acne, and “cures” are becoming a thing of the past, which do more harm than help: manual facial cleansing, home-made sausages, heavily drying washing gels, exposure of the face to the sun. Today we have at our disposal proven, effective ways of alleviating the symptoms of acne, and even get rid of it once and for all.

It is important that the dermatologist assess the form of acne. Its type and origin say a lot about the reason for the appearance of imperfections. Gentle and systematic treatment of the skin works much better than mechanical cleansing and irritation of the epidermis.

When buying a cosmetic, be sure to read the list of ingredients. Avoid irritating detergents in gels, alcohol in tonics, clogging pores of ingredients in creams. However, they are good for acneous skin of nettle, thyme, yeast, starch, zinc. Check acne treatment on

Acne – wash skin gently

It is a mistake to use antibacterial soaps and gels, because the main cause of acne is not bacteria at all, but hormonal changes in the adolescent body. Prolonged use of this type of preparations will dry out the skin, but will not remove pimples, and the symptoms of acne may intensify.

After washing the face with gel, it is necessary to use a tonic – it will narrow the sebaceous gland outlet and refresh the skin. It must not contain alcohol – it would irritate the skin and stimulate the sebaceous glands to be even more active. If your skin is dry, e.g. with too much washing gel or medication, reach for a gentle moisturizing cream. Some cream ingredients can clog pores. Try creams and observe the reaction of your skin.

Do not use mechanical scrubs (with abrasive particles) to get rid of dead epidermal cells that block the sebaceous gland outlet. They may exacerbate the symptoms of the disease. Enzymatic peelings (containing fruit or herbal enzymes that dissolve dead cells) and preparations with fruit acids are suitable for acne skin. Acid creams should be used daily at night – they will brighten the skin, smooth it, reduce discoloration and seborrhea. If redness appears on the skin signalling the formation of a “surprise”, use a local eczema stick.

Sunbathing harms every skin – it accelerates aging and promotes skin cancer. Acne complexion does not serve any other reason either – it dries the skin, which after a short time begins to defend itself and emits even more sebum. Therefore, apply a lightweight preparation with a minimum of 30 filters every day of the year, especially if you use cosmetics with fruit acids – there is a risk of sun discolouration.

Fight against acne
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