How to easily and inexpensively change the look of your kitchen in just one weekend



Has your kitchen been around for a long time? You see, it’s high time to renovate, but how angry can’t you afford it now? Peacefully, you don’t have to reach deep into your pocket at all. Diametrically changing the appearance of your kitchen does not always require significant investment. At this stage, all you need is a good will, two hands and… a free weekend. Discover some great, cheap and simple ways to give your old kitchen a new décor.
Let’s start with the simplest, but quite time-consuming, step. On Saturday, get up very early and start cleaning your kitchen thoroughly. It doesn’t matter that you wash your worktops and floors every week. Believe that a more comprehensive approach is needed from time to time.
Move the kitchen cupboards away and see how much dust is hidden behind them. Very thoroughly clean all ceramic surfaces, cabinet fronts, gas pipes, stove, window sill, heater and all other parts that you do not care about every day. This will already produce very good results.
Get rid of your burrs
And don’t be guided by any sentiments here! There are certainly plenty of things in your kitchen that are ugly, damaged, worn out and just take up space unnecessarily. This is normal, because most of us tend to hammer up various things that we do not see later.
You can even go one step further and get rid of some of the old kitchen cabinets. Of course, this only makes sense if you do not make full use of your furniture anyway. The goal is simple: in the kitchen it has to get a little looser, making it more spacious visually (and actually). This will enable you to take further action.
Paint furniture fronts
If you can’t afford to replace your kitchen, but can’t look at the damaged fronts anymore, just paint them. This is not as difficult as it might seem. Buy a special paint for slippery surfaces (or for wood if your furniture is made of this material) and for the job!
After a few hours of work you will have the impression that you are in a completely different room. If your kitchen is small, we advise you to choose a bright front color – it can be for example still very fashionable white.
Tasteful accessories
When you think that the paint on the fronts has already dried up on Sunday, you can start setting up your furniture again. Kitchen will seem empty, so it’s high time to choose some striking accessories. Remember not to overdo it. A few tiny accents are enough to give the room a character. These can include, for example, new mugs in a uniform colour, serviettes, a nice curtain or window blind, a vase with fresh flowers. Unleash your imagination – you have it all day.
Ready to use. It wasn’t that difficult at all, wasn’t it? Believe that with these simple steps you will significantly change the décor of your kitchen and will not spend much money on it. Get down to work this weekend.

How to easily and inexpensively change the look of your kitchen in just one weekend
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