Interior design in a bachelor’s-room


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There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for the perfect interior. It is an individual issue, depending on the tastes, tastes, lifestyles and needs of the household members. But there are a few general principles that help to avoid disappointments. When designing interiors, factors such as space, light, colours, patterns and textures, furniture and other design elements must be taken into account. Their harmonious and rational combination determines not only the aesthetics of the apartment, but also the well-being of the household members. You will learn a lot about interior design from the programs.

Although interior design is not an easy skill to master, there are some universal principles whose application improves the appearance of rooms. Let’s start with the space, bearing in mind that interior design is largely the art of illusion. Our perception of the interior is shaped by walls, floor, ceiling, sometimes also beams and columns. A high ceiling gives the effect of spaciousness. Large space enchants and increases the value of the apartment, it is synonymous with comfort. Unfortunately, not many of us can afford such a luxury. Highly suspended ceilings are a feature of flats located in pre-war tenement houses and modern apartments. Most of the rooms where ordinary bread-eaters live have poor proportions: low ceiling, plan of too narrow rectangle, small area. You only need to walk a few steps to get under the wall. It is not possible to extend the walls or raise the ceiling. However, thanks to the use of a few simple tricks, the room can be visually enlarged.

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It is a good idea to take all the furniture and equipment out of it for a good start. Their excess makes the room seem smaller, tighter and uncomfortable. When there’s no furniture, nothing limits space. In this case, less is more. The next step could be to paint the room white. The effect is immediate. In an empty white room, corners and connections between walls, floor and ceiling are no longer visible. This creates the illusion of more space. It is about not destroying it with excess furniture, fabrics and trinkets. In small rooms it is best to limit the number of equipment to a comfortable minimum and to store as many things as possible in cabinets, drawers and lockers. The latter can also be used as seats. Cabinet doors can have mirror surfaces, which also creates the impression of more space. Windows and the view behind them play an important role in creating this illusion. The windows ensure contact with the environment, they are a source of light and air. Therefore, it is not worth covering them with curtains or curtains, unless it is absolutely necessary. A freshly cleaned, clean window improves the appearance of any room. It gets spaier and brighter right away. Under the window it is worth to place bright furniture, e.g. white cabinets. They will reflect light into the interior. Remember that nothing increases the size of a room as much as proper illumination. It is therefore worth making the most of daylight and planning electrical lighting well.


Interior design in a bachelor’s-room
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