Meet John D Clouse the biggest traveler in the history of the industry



Most of us like to travel. The objectives are different. The desire to learn a different culture, to relax on the beach in some exotic part of the world, or to do business. Few can afford to visit the whole continent, not to mention the whole world. The lucky person who had this opportunity in his life was John Clouse. Jealousy is nothing good, but in this case it is perfectly justified. The traveller was in almost every place on our planet. Where did he not manage to get there?
Before we go to places never visited by Clouse, we will brief you on his curriculum vitae and the number of countries he has managed to get to know. Our traveller grew up in very difficult times. John was from Evansville, Indiana. The United States faced a major economic crisis in the 1930s. His father, who had been given the opportunity to visit Europe, awakened his passion for travelling there. So he returned home with all his luggage of extraordinary stories about the attractions that impressed him the most. John, a young man who wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps, listened to him closely.
The desire to get to know the other world did not give him peace and Clouse finally went to Europe. It has to be said right away that he chose probably the worst of all possible moments, because the Second World War was just going on across the continent. Despite not being in the best of circumstances, the traveller saw with his own eyes some of the “miracles” he had previously heard about from his dad and read about them in books. However, the real tour of the Old Continent began much later. The first fully touristic trip to Europe took place in 1958, when John visited a different part of Europe each year. In the meantime, the protagonist of our article today has become an attorney.
Frequent excursions allowed him to become a member of the travelers’ club in 1970. In order to join the elite, it was necessary to visit at least 100 countries or groups of islands. Despite this achievement, Clouse did not rest on his laurels. The dream of traveling continued at its best. Another goal set by the globetrotter was to set the foot in every country and territory existing in the world. He almost succeeded in this art. The record holder visited all but two sovereign and non-sustainant states existing in 1999.
Clouse did not manage to drive the pins on the world map in the place of Bouvet Island and Parachelle Islands. Although our wanderer was twice as close to reaching the shore of Bouvet, in the end the landing was prevented by bad weather.
We are only thinking about one thing. Is it no longer just an obsession and a pleasure to travel on a country-by-country basis? What do you think? In our opinion, the traveller has rushed a bit and lost the real sense of going to hitherto unknown parts of the world. On the other hand, his name will appear in the Guinness Book of Records for a long time.

Meet John D Clouse the biggest traveler in the history of the industry
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