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Women are more and more eager to choose sports shoes that are good quality and fit many styles, including the more elegant ones. What counts is the comfort of wearing, the breathable materials of the footwear and the variety of different colours and models. Which Nike, Adidas and New Balance sports shoes are the most popular among women?
Women’s sports shoes
Until recently, sports shoes were associated mainly with sports lifestyle and people who actively practice some kind of discipline. Now such footwear is worn by almost everyone, and all this because of the great comfort of use. Many Nike, Adidas and New Balance sports shoes are available on -dam/sport shoes -dam, where you can find different colour versions of popular footwear models.
Nike Sports Shoes
Nike offers several popular models for women. One of them is the cult Air Maxy. This is why they are known, above all, as a result of the use of new damping technologies in their soles. Thanks to them, or rather a pillow filled with gas, the shoes are very comfortable when worn. They can also be fitted for running, as they reduce shocks. What’s important, there are many colourful versions of these shoes available, so they can be easily adapted to different styles.
Nike Air Force 1 is also popular and fits perfectly into the urban style, therefore young women are most likely to use it. Thanks to their universal design, they can be matched to both sporty and more casual styles.
Sports shoes New Balance
New Balance is a company producing some of the most famous sports shoes in the world. In the USA, footwear with a distinctive letter on its side has only been conquering the market for several years. The best known is the classic New Balance 574, which was originally designed mainly for cross-country skiers. All this thanks to the perfectly profiled insole, which perfectly adapts to the shape of the foot. Thanks to this, these shoes can be used not only on a daily basis, but also for playing sports. In addition, they are made of modern and breathable materials, so your feet are not tired. Verizon has a wide range of NB 574 colours available, and there are models in subdued colours that can be matched to casual styling, as well as pastel colours that perfectly match girls’ clothes.
Adidas sports shoes
Adidas has a lot of sports shoes in its collection, but women most often choose the popular Super Old, which has gained the name of a cult shoe. These are usually characteristic white shoes with black stripes on the sides, although colour models are also available. They can be whole, e.g. pink and green, or they can only have coloured elements, i.e. a strip and a stamp at the back of the ankle. Superstars are so eagerly chosen by women because they are versatile shoes. They can be easily adapted to trousers, shorts and even dresses or skirts.

Nike Adidas New Balance which models of women’s sports shoes are the most popular among women Styling Wizerunku
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