Private Banking in the World


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There is still a more detailed breakdown of private banking services:

issuing payment cards;
acceptance of deposits;
purchase on commission of securities on the capital and money markets;
purchase of participation units in investment funds;
foreign exchange operations;
purchase of derivative instruments;
pension schemes;
asset management services;
hire of safe-deposit boxes.

Of course, a private banking offer may also include other items tailored to the individual needs of the customer, but the terms on which transactions are concluded are generally negotiated. It is also known that in order to individually adjust the private banking offer to the customer’s requirements, certain customer preferences are defined with respect to the acceptable risk level of selected financial operations.
As part of the private banking offer, it is also possible to install teleinformatic transaction systems enabling cooperation with the bank, and each customer is assigned a so-called customer carer. The task of such a bank employee is to maintain constant contact and individual, discreet service. It is well known that customers using private banking services require a high level of service and qualified banking staff. It is also the Bank’s task to carefully select the personnel with the highest and appropriate qualifications. The selection criteria are not limited to skills related to the performance of appropriate banking operations, knowledge of the functioning of the bank and other financial institutions. Interpersonal skills are also a very important factor.

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Retail Banking TRADITIONAL Individuals Standard, collected in packages Extensive, easy access, outlets “close to the customer” Individual, in bank outlets indirect
PRIVATE BANKAGE Individuals with above-average income Adjusted, enriched with insurance, brokerage services No or exclusive offices in bank branches Individual, direct, personal


The objective of providing banking services to wealthy customers is, of course, to ensure that banks make a fair profit.
Why, then, do customers use these quite expensive services?
Private banking is based on an individual approach, usually provided by an advisor who is competent and fully committed to the client, and through which he handles all banking matters. This is probably the most important added value for customers. It is also important that banks offer their affluent customers a comprehensive and tailor-made offer – thus tailored to the profile of a given customer in terms of an acceptable investment strategy and assets situation. For many customers, however, the feeling of snobbishness and elitism are more important than real benefits – the feeling that they are the most important customers for the bank.

Private Banking in the World
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