Skin with psoriasis which treatments kosmetolog may recommend



Psoriatic skin is a very serious aesthetic problem. Unfortunately, the disease is incurable, but it can be controlled to a large extent. Of course, it is necessary to take the treatment recommended by a dermatologist. Many people struggling with this problem mistakenly assume that cosmetic treatments are beyond their reach. In fact, the choice of such procedures is quite wide.
Recommended cosmetic treatments for psoriasis
Tell your health care professional that you are suffering from psoriasis before you undergo any treatment in a beauty parlour. This will allow her to choose the best care methods, which will not harm you and may even help you with the remission of disease lesions.
The basis for psoriasis is moisturizing the skin and soothing irritation. That’s why in the beauty salon you can undergo treatments such as applying an algae mask, face and whole body massage.
Contrary to common opinion, people suffering from psoriasis may undergo manicure and pedicure treatment. The beautician may, however, ask for the result of the mycological examination to be presented. The point is to make sure that the client (or the client) does not suffer from nail mycosis (which in turn is a contraindication to perform the procedure).
This is not an option!
Unfortunately, people affected by psoriasis must forget about mechanical peeling (possibly chemical peeling with delicate cosmetics). All this is due to the fact that this type of treatment significantly irritates the skin, which in the therapy of psoriasis is not advisable.
Psoriasis also closes the way to the use of solariums, self-tanning cosmetics and any products containing strong detergents. Skin cleansing in the beauty salon may be carried out only with the use of delicate cosmetics. After each treatment, it is absolutely necessary to grease the skin in order to protect it from further irritation and exacerbation of the symptoms of the disease.
On the other hand, it is quite controversial whether a woman with psoriasis can undergo body hair removal. The laser method is certainly not an option, as radiation can exacerbate an undesirable skin reaction.
Wax depilation is also not advisable due to the fact that it significantly irritates the skin. Therefore, by far the safest method is to reach for a traditional machine (not an epilator!) and use a cream containing as few chemicals as possible.
Psoriasis does not condemn you to neglect of beauty!
Although psoriasis significantly reduces the range of treatments that can be undergone in a beauty parlour, it is not at all the case that you have to forget about professional care. Instead, rely on the experience and knowledge of a cosmetologist. The specialist will certainly offer you safe treatments, which will stimulate the skin regeneration processes and bring you significant relief.

Skin with psoriasis which treatments kosmetolog may recommend
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