Sport is about health Reasons for regular exercise at all ages



Daily physical activity is the best thing you can do to stay healthy and fit. Although the fashion for practicing sports is slowly beginning to reach our country, Poles still perform physical exercises less frequently than the general Europeans. In the statistics they are worse than the French, the British and the Croats, and far behind the Germans and the Dutch. So how do you convince yourself and others that caring for your health pays off?
Ending obesity
Civilisation diseases – especially obesity – are a scourge of modern times. Modified foods, which are ubiquitous, are hard to avoid and are responsible for the greatest part for the increase in fat tissue. Traditional US cuisine is also not conducive to maintaining a slim figure – thick sauces, large amounts of white bread and fatty, fried meat are definitely not dietetic foods. However, conscious shopping and cooking is not enough. Overweight can only be combated with movement – every form of movement can work real miracles. Daily running of 30-40 minutes each time allows you to burn about 300 kcal, and even more (up to 400 kcal) is lost due to intensive jumping.
Heart like a bell
Less body fat is a healthier heart, so getting rid of excess pounds prevents cardiovascular diseases. However, prevention of these diseases is not only about removing the effects of an unhealthy diet – physical activity also affects the strength of muscles, including the heart muscle. A strong heart pumps more blood into the bloodstream, which has a positive effect on the whole body, which becomes more oxidized. This makes the brain work more efficiently and gives the skin a healthy look. It also reduces the risk of hypertension.
A healthy spirit in a healthy body
Exercises have a positive impact on both physical and mental condition. It has been proven that regular athletes are much less likely to suffer from depression and are more resistant to stress. This is physiologically justified: intensive effort means that the brain produces more endorphins (the so-called “hormones of happiness”) and less cortisol (the “hormone of stress”). In addition to improving well-being, endorphins also inject energy all day long. Sport motivates you to act much better than coffee!
It’s not just music that connects generations
Contrary to circulating myths, sport is healthy for everyone, regardless of their age or the burden of disease. The only thing that needs to be done is to choose the right type of activity, so as not to overburden the organs with impaired efficiency. Yoga is available for hearts, and stretching exercises are available for those suffering from arthritis with the use of accessories, such as exercise balls, which you can buy here. Sport is especially important for the elderly – it prevents dementia (oxygenation of the brain supports the memory processes) and allows mobility to be maintained for a long time.

Sport is about health Reasons for regular exercise at all ages
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