These signs reliably show that you have sat down in your job so far



Sitting down can be equated with professional burnout, but the effect is always the same: less motivation, less efficiency and more and more irritation when you come to work. Contrary to appearances, the feeling of this moment is not so obvious. Many people are stuck in an unfavourable professional system and do not see a need to make a decision about changing the place of employment. In our guide you’ll find reliable signs that you’ve clearly sat down already in your job.
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Only your salary motivates you

Try to answer the question: why do I actually work in this particular place? If the answer is: because I earn a lot because my boss doesn’t cling to me, because I have free coffee and the Internet, because the company pays for lunches, then you have to admit that you have just crossed the absurd line.
Yes, these are important elements of professional life, which does not change the fact that the main motivation for you should be the prospect of development and self-fulfilment. If you don’t feel it, don’t be deluded. Changing jobs is only a matter of time.
You do not argue with colleagues or supervisors
This simply means that you no longer care. You are not worried about the fate of your company. You just want to drum up another project, and the best way is to make sure no one has any claims against you. You agree with the easiest solutions, although you feel that you could propose other, much more ambitious ideas. You don’t share it with your colleagues or superiors, because in fact you already have everything somewhere anyway.
This approach to work is very dangerous. Instead of standing out, you will become an element of the mass. You will not enrich your CV, which will make it harder for you to find an attractive job in the future. Companies are looking for professionals and innovators, not for ideal craftsmen.
You are no longer disturbed by bad things.
During the first months of your job, you regularly reported something was not working, pressed your supervisors to improve your employment conditions, put ideas in like a sleeve, and now you accept all the things as they are? This is a very clear sign of planting. You simply have everything in common.
Is the coffee in the buffet missing? You bring your own because you don’t want to talk about it with anyone. Is the software out of date? It’s hard, it’s just your job’s performance that’s going to drop, but it’s not your fault. You will admit that this attitude will not affect the development of the company that employs you.
Sitting at work is a very dangerous phenomenon. It’s not only your employer who loses out, it’s your career who loses out. If you are not developing, if you have long forgotten what professional ambition is, then you are just one step away from falling into a state of stagnation, which is frustrating.

These signs reliably show that you have sat down in your job so far
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