Ventilator types used in car tyres



Ventilator types used in car tyres
The valve is an inconspicuous part of the tyre. However, proper maintenance is essential for safe driving. Do you know how to prevent damage?
Tyre types of valve
Road safety depends to a large extent on the quality of the tyres and the extent to which they are inflated. Many people are aware of the need to change tyres and the parameters they have to meet. Unfortunately, we often forget about the correct pressure. Escaping air will cause steering problems, and the steering and suspension will also wear out more quickly. To ensure the correct tyre pressure, pay attention to all components, especially the valve. This is a small part on which a lot depends.
It is the primary responsibility of every driver to check that the vehicle is in working order before starting a journey. During the visit at the petrol station it is worth checking the level of air in the tyres, as well as the completeness of the valve. The loss of the nut, although it seems trivial, could lead to a number of problems in the future.
Ventilation types
There are many types of valves on the market. The most popular of them are those made of rubber, commonly used in steel rims. Their advantage is the low cost of replacement and that they are generally available. However, they have one major disadvantage. The material from which they are made makes the valves particularly vulnerable to damage. Rubber also does not tolerate the action of time well, so it can happen that this element completely clashes. Another type, usually found in aluminium rims, is a valve with a metal cover. Its advantage is that it is made of a more durable material, more resistant to weather conditions. The third type, also used in aluminium rims, is the metal valve, which is concealed. Its main advantage is that it improves the appearance of the wheel and minimises exposure to mechanical damage. The drawbacks are the screw-on pumping tips, which can unfortunately be easily lost. Hiding the valve in the tyre crown reduces the chance of the tyre breaking off. It is worth taking care of the proper condition of your tyres in a professional service, such as Speedgum in the city, because it is not worth saving on safety.
Why do you need to take care of the valve?
Proper preparation of your car for the ride definitely increases the chance of avoiding unpleasant surprises during the journey. Tyre pressure is important for safety, but also for running costs. A damaged car valve will not maintain its performance. It is therefore important that it is properly maintained. This will reduce tyre and fuel consumption. It is recommended that this component be replaced on a regular basis, and due to its low cost, it can be replaced even every six months when changing to winter or summer tyres.

Ventilator types used in car tyres
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