What are dietary supplements?



Probably you have already reached for some dietary supplements. Perhaps they were not even specifically supplements for athletes, but just some multivitamin tablets, whose manufacturer promised you better immunity, as long as you take his product regularly. Products of this nature are now sold on a massive scale and you can get them literally anywhere. You come across them when you go to the pharmacy, but also during your regular grocery shopping or cosmetic purchases made at the drugstore. But is a supplement something that your diet needs and that you yourself need? Before you spend money on it, see for yourself what its definition is.

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Supplements are not medicines. Many people think they are, but this is not true. A supplement is an agent that is intended to supplement your diet and satisfy your body’s need for particular substances. It is therefore closer to a healthy and nutritious food than to a real medical device, i.e. a standard medicine. This does not mean that supplementation is a bad thing. On the contrary, it brings great effects if you know how to use it. Supplements for athletes can provide your body with those compounds that you do not consume in optimal quantities. And even if you try to keep your diet perfectly healthy and as nutritious as possible, most likely your body is still lacking some vitamins and minerals or other compounds. The supplement will help you provide them. It is a concentrated preparation with a specific action, which is particularly useful for athletes.


There are also special dietary supplements which do not necessarily take care of your body in general, but they can have a positive influence on your mood, your energy level during training or your silhouette itself. Fat burners are very popular in this group. They contain substances which accelerate the process of burning fat tissue. You can use them if you want to lose weight faster.