What should you know about interval training



Interval training anticipates that we will interweave exercises, for which a high level of intensity is characteristic, with those, which assume low intensity. This not only improves physical performance, but also reduces weight. Research confirms that interval training allows you to burn up to three times more body fat than aerobic exercises, and it requires up to half the energy effort and half the time. Its implementation is recommended above all for young and fit people.
Intensive and extensive interval training
Breaks are particularly important in interval training. They assume a reduction in the intensity of exercises, but they do not provide for their cessation, which does not allow the body to rest fully. The entire workout takes between 5 and 25 minutes. HIIT Interval Training, also known as the Intensive Training Method, involves an effort of 90 per cent of the maximum heart rate, which drops to 60 per cent of the maximum heart rate during breaks. It looks slightly different when we are dealing with the extensive method, because it is characterized by a lower intensity of heart rate at the level of 85 percent during exercises and 65 percent during breaks. The calculation of the maximum heart rate is not difficult. It is predicted that our age will be subtracted from 220.
Running and interval training
Perhaps the best known example of interval training seems to be running defined as a combination of start and sprint at a ratio of 30 seconds of start per 10 seconds of sprint. Advanced cross-country skiers can try to reduce the run time to 20 seconds while lengthening the sprint to a maximum of 15 seconds. Here it is worth remembering that interval training is performed when you are not in the gym. For beginners it is enough to do it twice a week during a day break. It should not be done on an empty stomach, it is not advisable to combine it with aerobic exercises.
Advice for those who decide on interval training
Interval training does not always result in burned fat. This is particularly the case if it is combined with an appropriate diet. Therefore, there is no chance of satisfactory results if we provide the body with simple sugars before it begins. Of course, it can be used not only during running, but also during swimming or cycling, but this running brings the best results visible after just a few attempts. It is also worth remembering that we are talking about a solution that should be used only by healthy and physically active people. However, even they should consult a doctor beforehand to make sure that such a high intensity of exercise does not become too much of a burden on the body. It should definitely not be used by people with heart and lung problems, contraindications include various types of infections, weakness of the body and malnutrition. In this case, it poses a health risk.

What should you know about interval training
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