What you should know about when buying a radio amateur radio for children



Short-wave radios are essential equipment for professionals in a wide range of industries who carry out tasks on a large scale, such as construction or security workers. However, they can also be used for a wider range of purposes – children’s use of them is a great help in playing and in keeping in touch with their caregiver. What should I do when choosing equipment for children?
It is a priority to choose any type of radio amateur radio – both professional equipment for a few thousand USD and equipment for a child. It is the range that determines the price of the device to a large extent. Professional equipment ensures communication over the distance from 1.5 to even 3 kilometres, depending on the weather conditions and terrain,” explains a specialist from AZ Studio – “If we buy a device for a child, such results are not necessary, for playing or contacting the caregiver, it is enough for the child to have a range not greater than a few dozen meters.
Functionality of the device
In the case of children’s radio amateurs, the second important factor will be the way the device is operated. Some models just need to be turned on using the rotary knob to get in touch – in others, you need to press and hold the button. The first solution will be much more convenient for children. Additionally, it is necessary to pay attention to the number of channels supported by the device. If there are many, the equipment will catch less interference from other equipment transmitting over the same bands.
Type of enclosure
In the specification of each device you will find a description of the housing resistance class. These classes are 10, numbered from 0 to 9, the lower the number, the lower the immunity class. Class 0 devices are extremely sensitive to all kinds of damage, so if you want to give them to your child, you have to remember that they can deteriorate very quickly during play, e.g. after being dropped on concrete.
Type of power supply
Most children’s hams are powered by regular AA batteries – rechargeable batteries are a different source of energy. The latter solution is much more economical and more functional – rechargeable batteries are enough, there is no need to buy new ones, they are also characterized by higher capacity and thus ensure the operation of the device for a longer period of time.
Last but not least, the price of the device is an important factor. Many parents take it first and foremost into account. The price of a radio amateur radio consists of other factors, such as its range, quality and function. If our child is already experienced in playing with these devices, it is worth investing in more expensive models – they will not be destroyed as quickly as hams from the lower shelf, which means that we will not have to buy new equipment every few weeks.

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What you should know about when buying a radio amateur radio for children
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