Which OMEGA3 linseed oil or fish oil



When we talk about Omega-3, the excellent health effect of which is already well known, we often wonder what will be the best ingredient or nutrient containing “omega”.
Of the superiority of the fish over flax and vice versa
So why take Omega-3 acid from where? We already know that it works extremely well for our health. It is also known that Omega-3 fatty acids do not form (are not produced) in the human body. Foods containing unsaturated acids, i.e. their sources – known and tested from the point of view of health – are basically linseed oil and fish oil Omega-3. Which of them is healthier? Which one should I choose?
Some dietitians – or fans of healthy dietary supplements – argue in favour of linseed oil with a view to the well-known German doctor and her famous diet. It is about Dr. Budwig. Others will convince us to the acids of fish oil, proclaiming the health superiority of products of maritime origin. The arguments are not to be underestimated either – in comparison with other foods, those from the sea are often on the top. For example, one can mention algae and liver oil in one breath, according to the supporters of fish oil.
Quality above all…
The discussion about the predominance of one or the other fuel oil is provided by the question of the content of essential unsaturated fatty acids. And their proportions, how many omega-3 and how many omega-6.
However, I think that the most important issue in healthy dietetics is what kind of oil – not just fish or linseed – is, how pure it is as a dietetic product. Important from what fish fish fish oil is produced, in turn with linseed oil – what was the method of pressing.
The best, most valuable oil comes from cold pressing, which is the first pressing. we know that you should buy virgin olive oil. The same is true for other vegetable oils.
In addition, even a food product from the best producer stored in unsuitable conditions is at best lacking in health and taste, and at worst in poisoning or, at any rate, unfit for consumption. Even the healthiest fish oil can be spilled out if it is stored poorly and will break down! Can be used for lubricating the hinge…
Sometimes, in shops, and especially in supermarkets, we come across oil of unknown origin, especially in view of the historical period from which this product originated. In addition, a foodstuff such as oil should be stored properly, certainly not in hot weather or in the sun or in exposure to sunlight. Plastic bottle made of transparent plastic. Shirt-bone.
On the other hand – for example, a dark glass bottle with fish oil, a shelf without sunlight – this is very important in my opinion. Perhaps sometimes even more than what is in the bottle, that is to say the quality consists of the whole. And not just a tag.
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Which OMEGA3 linseed oil or fish oil
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