You have had enough of mower engines in cars Widlaste units are for you



The state of modern motorization can cause tooth pain. Car manufacturers have stopped racing for the performance and appearance of their cars. What counts today is low combustion, cheap insurance and the lowest possible cost of production. It seems that history is happening before our very eyes. Today, it’s much easier to buy a new lithium-cylinder, three-cylinder hooded car than a car that could arouse any kind of emotion in the driver. Are you rebellious against such a policy? You can only buy a car powered by a forklift truck. Hurry up – in a moment there will be rarities!
Why is a forklifted unit a great choice?
There are three key reasons for this. Firstly, such engines can claim to be eternal. They are not hardened, because pulling 300-400 hp out of e.g. 5 litres of capacity is no feat. Especially when we compare it with the current tendency to overclock the power of three-cylinder engines to 120-150 hp.
Secondly, forklift engines, such as the V6 and V8, give you incredible driving enjoyment. Their powerful power comes from their capacity, so it is released in class, very linearly, without the unpleasant feeling of cutting off the ignition after exceeding 3 thousand revolutions per minute.
Finally: reliability. Forked petrol engines usually do not have a problematic turbocharger, because it is not needed for anything (there is no lack of acceleration anyway). The lack of complicated systems to reduce the emission of exhaust fumes to the atmosphere is a huge advantage, which will be appreciated by every owner of modern diesel who has already visited the service in order to burn DPF or replace a clogged EGR valve.
Investing in the future
In the automotive industry, we observe a clear discrepancy between the expectations of drivers and the offer of manufacturers. The former demand trouble-free, strong, very durable cars. The latter are guided by calculations made by accounting officers and EU officials. These interests are simply irreconcilable.
However, this can be exploited. If you invest today in a car with a classic V6 or V8 engine, you can be sure that you will be able to sell it in the future without any problems – and with a profit. Such carts are and will be increasingly sought after. In turn, cars with engines from mowers almost certainly await a sad fate on the aftermarket.
There are also disadvantages
The biggest disadvantage of forklifts is their fuel efficiency. When you decide to own a car with such an engine, you have to take into account that fuel costs will be an important item in your household budget. One way out of the situation is to install a LPG system, but this will significantly reduce the value of the vehicle.
Besides, remember that a car with a 4 or 5 litre engine will be very expensive to insure (unit capacity is a key criterion when calculating the premium).

You have had enough of mower engines in cars Widlaste units are for you
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