You want to enrol your child for additional classes Do not make these mistakes



It is natural that parents care about ensuring the best possible conditions for their child to start into adulthood. One of the stages of preparation is to enrol the child for various additional activities. Foreign language, dance, sports, robotics – these are the most popular choices. Although we should praise every parent who cares about the intellectual and physical development of their child, we should also remember that it is easy to exaggerate here. What mistakes do you have to avoid? We list them in our guide.
Graphic design too dense
The child is primarily supposed to be a child, which is all too often forgotten. For example, a seven-year-old should not be treated as a graduate student. Such a young child should not be overburdened with responsibilities, especially if he/she has just started school.
There is therefore no point in enrolling a young child for 2-3 extra classes. Choose one proposal together – at this stage it will suffice. If you lead to a situation where your child has extra responsibilities every afternoon, you will quickly notice discouragement. That is not the way to go.
Meeting parents’ ambitions
This is a very common mistake. Did you dream of becoming a professional football player as a child, but you did not succeed? Don’t transfer your ambitions to your son! If the boy is not interested in the ball, do not force him to train. The result will be the opposite of what was intended. This applies to every area.
Mothers often want to make their daughters world-class ballerina by force, while fathers dream that their sons will be outstanding athletes or specialists in new technologies. It makes little sense to put pressure on the child in this way.
Bringing your child to extreme fatigue
When choosing additional classes for your child, pay attention not only to their subject, but also to their hourly schedule. Imagine how tired a child will be when she first has to get up at school and the day ends at 21 after dancing or tennis classes. In the long run, this will not work. Your child will be discouraged, not because he or she doesn’t like classes, but only because he or she is extremely tired.
Do not make a decision for a child
Do you think that she is comforted by an outstanding vocal talent? Do not assume in advance that your child shares your views. If she doesn’t like singing, no additional classes will change it. The decision on the choice of classes must always be agreed with the child. Ask your child what makes her most happy.
If you want your child to attend additional classes in a foreign language, let them listen to several languages and choose the one they like most. When your child sees that he or she can make a big decision about what he or she thinks, they will be much more likely to attend classes. This will bring better educational results.

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You want to enrol your child for additional classes Do not make these mistakes
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